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The Fort Bend Astronomy Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the acquisition and dissemination of information pertaining to the science of Astronomy.  Located in Stafford, Texas, FBAC's goal is to serve not only our members, but the general public as well. FBAC members hail from all corners of Harris, Fort Bend, Waller, and Brazoria counties.

FBAC holds monthly meetings and members regularly get together to observe at the George Observatory, a satellite facility of the Houston Museum of Natural Science, located within Brazos Bend State Park.

For information about FBAC membership, please visit the About FBAC page.  For directions to the monthly club meeting, click here. For information about our community outreach activities, click here. For information about the FBAC list server click here.  To contact FBAC, send an email to

The next scheduled FBAC club meeting will be held on Friday, April 18, 2014 at 7:00 pm at the Houston Community College Southwest Campus in Stafford. The presentations and club meetings are open to the public. Click HERE for more info and directions to meeting.

The FBAC Novice Presentation - FBAC Member William Spizzirri Will give a novice talk and presentation on "The Telescopes on Mauna Kea".

The FBAC Main Presentation - For the main talk we'll have JSC's Paul Maley who will be giving us a "primer" on occultations and his talk is entitled "ECLIPSES OF STARS BY ASTEROIDS—or HOW TO MAP AN ASTEROID FOR $700".   If time permits, Paul will also present a recent Aurora observation his group did in Alaska.

Hope to see everyone there!!


Joining the Fort Bend Astronomy Club is quick and easy. Join or renew your membership using our online form. Click HERE for more info.

Did you know that you can support FBAC just by shopping at Randall's? Click HERE to find out more about the Fort Bend Astronomy Club's partnership with Randall's Good Neighbor program.

April 2014 Astronomy/Space Calendar
(more at JPL Space Calendar)

Several observing programs are in the works at FBAC. Leonard Ferguson has developed a double star list and Keith Rivich a planetary nebula list.

 The double star list along with rules is available here.

The double star list by right ascension can be found here.  The original list is still available above.

The globular and planetary files are now available.  Click here for globulars and here for planetaries. Leonard Pattillo's Globular Cluster list is available in .xls format here. Leonard's planetary list in .xls format is here.

Click here for the carbon star list.

The galaxy observing list is now on line.  Click here to download a PDF file.

The Open Cluster Observing List can be obtained in PDF form by clicking here.

Observing forms are available for download here.

FBAC member Steve Goldberg has created a set of observing lists for users of Sky Tools astronomy software. These files are in .stx file format and will only work with Sky Tools software: Planetary Nebulas, Galaxies, Globular Clusters, Open Clusters & Carbon Stars

Check This Out! - The Scale of the Universe - Interactive

Despina, Moon of Neptune
Free Online Astronomy Classes
The Classroom: Take an Astronomy
Class Online for Free

'Hand of God' Spotted by NASA Space Telescope


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Galactic Pileup: Hubbles First View of
Abell 2744 Using the "Frontier fields Program"

Violent Sun

Mars Rover Curiosity Spotted from Space

Gemini Planet Imager's First Light
Image of the Exoplanet Beta Pictoris b

Hubble probes interior of Tarantula Nebula

Sleeping spacecraft Rosetta nearly
ready to wake up for comet landing

James Webb Telescope Still on Schedule for Launch Despite GAO Concerns

Glossary of Astronomy Terms

Free printable star charts in PDF format

You can also download updated star charts for each month HERE

FBAC Asteroid Team: The A-Team - 481 discoveries and counting!

Click here to go to the International Year of Astronomy Website HCC Southwest Campus Houston Museum of Natural Science
The Fort Bend Astronomy Club is a member of The Astronomical League and International Dark Sky Association.

FBAC appreciates the support of HCC and the Houston Museum of Natural Science for all that they do to support FBAC's mission of observing, sharing, teaching and promoting astronomy.

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